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Innovative Ductless Split System with Air Purification Capability for Bioaerosol and VOC Contaminates

Primary Partner: Isolation Sciences Inc.
Project Type: TAD 2006
Web Address: www.

Technical Description:

This material is based upon work supported by the United States Environmental Protection Agency under Award Number EPA 05 X-83232501-0.

The goal of this project is to develop a prototype instrument that incorporates off-the-shelf, room heat pump heating and air conditioning systems with air purification systems for airborne bioareosols and vapors. The end result is envisioned to be an occupied space with increased human comfort control and superior indoor air quality. The objective of this project is to validate the concept that air purification technology and air management techniques and see if it can be integrated into a split system heating and air conditioning system to provide for improved IAQ resulting in improved occupant environment.

Expected Outcomes:

Isolation Systems, in partnership with Air ISO, will develop commercialization strategies and initiate the introduction of the product into the medical and hospitality marketplace. The company will also initiate an advanced development program that will increase the vapor elimination capability of the developed split-system air purification and air management unit to meet the need for protection against highly toxic chemical warfare or toxic industrial chemical vapors that are released by a terrorist event.


A Business Concept Document and Strategy Matrix were developed to determine a product forecast model, which estimated the potential annual sales and then potential sales revenue and profits. These tests indicated a significant market for the product existed to improve the IAQ in luxury hotel guest rooms for the high-end users.

Publications and Presentations:

This project was presented at the Syracuse Center of Excellence 2008 Symposium in Syracuse, NY.

Researcher Information:

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