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05/13/2015 -
GDF Suez Joins as Industry Partner...

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05/05/2015 -
Syracuse Center of Excellence Daylighting Study...

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03/10/2015 -
SyracuseCoE Innovation Fund Call For Proposals...

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Labs and Testbeds: New SyracuseCoE Facilities to Accelerate Innovations...

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Come visit us for a "Friday at Three" tour...

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2012 Annual Progress Report...

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Presentations from Spring Greening:
A Teacher Training on All Things Green

March 30, 2011 — SyracuseCoE Headquarters

Teacher-to-Teacher Exchange I:  Case Studies on Bringing 'Green' Into Your Classroom

Inquiry-Based Approach to Teaching Climate Change — Mark Penhollow, CW Baker High School, Baldwinsville

Building Electric Vehicles — Ryan Beckley, East Syracuse-Minoa High School

Alternative Energy and Battery Storage Project — Martin Miner, C-NS High School

Breaking News: Local Green Issues You Need to Know About

Hydraulic Fracturing — Aimee Clinkhammer, SyracuseCoE Center for Sustainable Community Solutions

Climate Change — Aimee Clinkhammer

Onondaga County's Save the Rain Program — Carissa Matthews, SyracuseCoE Center for Sustainable Community Solutions

The Big Picture: Greening Districts, Greening Communities

SUNY-ESF in the High School Program — Brandon Murphy, ESF Outreach

Minoa Water Treatment Facility — John Herrington, East Syracuse Minoa High School 

Syracuse City School District Initiatives — Bill Ottman/ Jennifer Spoor, Syracuse City School District

Teacher-to-Teacher Exchange II: Case Studies on Bringing 'Green' Into Your Classroom

Renewable Energy Design — Charles Petit, Cortland Junior Senior High School

Turkey Dinner and Your Carbon Footprint — Nancy Martin, Henninger High School